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This is just a small sampling of the audio Bible lessons available from Mục Sư Lê P. Nguyên and Mục Sư Lê Hoàng Phu. There are over hundreds of hours of MP3 audio files that need to be edited before it can be available here. These in-depth Bible study material in Vietnamese have aided in the Spiritual Growth of many Christians and we thank God for the work He can do through the listening of these files. There are many lessons within a series with each lesson about 30-45 minutes long. Some of the series are as follows:

1Cor - 48 lessons
Gal - 39 lessons
Eph - over 70 lessons
Col - 19 lessons
"Đầy Dẫy Thánh Linh" - 11 lessons
"Nơi Chí Thánh" - 56 lessons
"Chức Vụ Cầu Thay" - 31 lessons

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